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Website Maintenance

Our website maintenance service includes a range of activities from updates such as designing an entirely new section or adding a new functionality to your existing website.At the same time we are committed to build/recreate sites that lure visitors/potential customers to browse your site and keep them engaged.

Why Redesign?

  • Redesigning/Recreating your website improves audience to your site and thereby enhances your business.
  • Developing custom tools such as a store or dealer locator
  • Creation of administrative tools for better maintenance of the site.(e.g. press releases, newsletters, intranet phone books,Clients, FAQ)
  • Websites offer the potential to precisely target niche audiences.

Periodic Website Improvements

To give you an insight into our Periodic Website Improvements, we have summarized them as below:

  • Newsletter & email lists
  • Shopping cart
  • Feature addition
  • Social bookmarking tools
  • Tracking site visitors and their preferences
  • Creation of domains and sub-domains
  • Setting up and maintaining email accounts

Our cost effective solutions will provide you with a quality website and places your presence prominently in the virtual world.

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