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Payment Gateway Integration

Integrating a trustworthy payment gateway to process various modes of payment by the customer is very essential for the success of any e-commerce business as the customer is required to submit sensitive information on the site such as their bank account number, credit card number, CVV etc;

By integrating a payment gateway, we ensure security of the transaction to the customer, thus promoting effective marketing and expansion of your customer base.

  • Merchant bureau service
  • Merchant account and payment gateway
  • Supported third party payment gateways

Merchant bureau service

In this case the provider allows you to make use of their merchant account and then they pass the payments on at a later date. This is ideal for customers who do not have their own merchant accounts. But this service may have some risks. There might be some delay if the provider holds onto your money for a long period and also the service and transaction fees are typically very high. All bureau services use a hosted payment page model which means that at the point of payment your customer is re-directed away to their site for payment. This may not be the best solution at all times and may deter customers from ordering.

Merchant account and payment gateway

Most gateways offer an "inline" payment model that means your customer is kept on you website rather than being redirected away to a hosted payment page; this provides a better shopping experience for your customer. Card details are not stored on your site, merely passed through to the gateway for processing, and then the response is captured and handled accordingly. Your payment page needs to be secure so therefore an SSL certificate is also required which we will arrange for you.

Supported third party payment gateways

If you wish to use a third party payment gateway with your ecommerce solution please see a list of supported gateways below:

  •  Google Checkout Integration
  •  WorldPay Integration
  •  Barclays ePDQ Integration
  •  HSBC Secure ePayments Integration
  •  Paypoint Payments Integration
  •  SecureTrading Integration
  •  MetaCharge Integration
  •  Sagepay Integration
  •  NoChex Integration
  •  PayPal Integration
  •  Realex Integration
  •  Moneybookers Integration
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