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Android application development

Android is a software platform as well as Operating System designed on Linux Operating system. Developers use the android framework to create innovative third party apps for phones by making use of various tools for designing the user interface like buttons, text fields, image panes and system tools like intents, phone controls, media players etc;

Its flexibility made it a favorite for both users and developers alike. Android being a Google product,proves to be a great challenge and perfect platform for developing a wide range of mobile games and apps. Our developers are capable of delivering a powerful & engaging Android apps.

Our Technical expertise includes:

  •  Android SDK
  •  Java
  •  OpenGL 3D graphics
  •  Android Media API’s
  •  Android Security Architecture
  •  SQLite database

Because it is on open source basis, we can do the OS level customization and create risk free and high valued android applications best suited to your needs at a minimal cost. We have a team of seasoned developers who can help you build innovative Android mobile applications for your business.

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